The Compass Rose Cube opens from the ends resulting in a square table when the leafs are closed, and double the size when opened.

The Cube has two hinged leafs which when unfolded doubles the size of the table, perfect for those who enjoy on board entertainment and need the extra table space. When not needed, the Cube folds down to exactly half its size maximising the available space in your RV or Motorhome - ideal when on the move or with more visitors on board. The stainless steel hinges are hidden in the open position.


Exact Measurements are as follows:

Closed Width: 16.38"

Open Width: 32.76"

Open Length: 15.75"


Upon opening the table two extendable arms can be deployed on each side giving support and stability as well as exposing the embedded hand laid Compass Rose that is striking yet traditional .

Compass Rose Cube Table Top - 32.76" x 15.75"

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