he Compass Rose Classic is a straight edged classically designed and hand-crafted teak table.

The Classic is rectangular in shape with bevelled corners and has a 4mm raised lip along all four sides. Each slat of this table has been carefully hand selected to ensure that the colour is uniformed throughout. The centre of the table has the traditional stylish embedded compass rose which adds even more elegance and quality to the finished product.   


This table looks fantastic in any RV or Motorhome and would be a superb addition.

The Classic is constructed around a twice epoxy treated 12mm thick plywood core with 4 mm thick teak slats applied to the plywood surface. A black caulking compound is used between each slat. This results in the overall depth of the Square being a total of 16mm, this in not including the raised edging.


Exact Measurements are as follows:

"22.8 x 35.4"


The teak used is sourced solely from fully grown trees taken from large plantations which are carefully managed by Indonesia's own forestry department. The manufacturers also hold an FSC Chain of Custody environment certificate, making them one of very few companies in the marine industry able to deliver FSC Certified products.

Compass Rose Classic Table Top - "22.8 x 35.4"

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