Lagun RV Table Mount Fully Rotating Swivelling 360 degrees
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 The Ultimate RV Space Saver...

Lagun RV / Motorhome Table Mount

Lagun RV Table Mount

The quick and easy way to install a table in your RV / motorhome or boat

Built to Last

Manufactured from saltwater resistant anodised aluminum


Mount the bracket where needed using the included hardware and support plate behind.

Rated for up to 20kg / 44lbs

Perfect for a table up to

1,000mm x 800mm

39" x 32"


Used in thousands of boats, RV's and motorhomes all over the World!


Both the table support and the extension arms can swivel giving 360 degree control

Everything Included

Table Frame

Mounting Plate & Backing Plate

Stainless Steel Nuts

Stainless Steel Bolts

Plastic Shims (if required)

Ready to add table top of your choice

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Lagun RV Table Mount Design Features

Swivelling Arm and Table Mount 360 Degrees Fully Rotatable

Leg Length 19.7"

Arm Length 16"

Mounting Plate 3.6" x 6.7"

Fully Lockable Handles to Secure Desired  Height Adjustment



 Turning, spinning and folding, the Lagun is also adjustable in height 

Dismantles quickly and easily and stored when not needed.

Complete with two plastic shims for when installation is off vertical

Manufactured from saltwater resistant anodised aluminium


Corona Virus 

We would just like to inform all of our customers that we are open and continue to deliver around the World as usual. Our delivery partners, FedEx, DPD and DHL are all operating an ‘as normal’ service. 

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are now closed - We hope will be back as

soon as possible.

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